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Yes we still offer analogue dial-up! Plenty of people don't require high speed access and do not spend sufficient time on-line to make opening a broadband account sound economic sense. The ability to access online services however is becoming more important.

Our Pay As You Go dial-up service puts you in complete control. You only pay for the time you spend on-line and all calls are connected at the local rate.

PC users. You can configure your new dial-up account here ........ New Dial-Up Account
The link will bring up a window and you can either open the file to run it on-line or save it and run it later. The changes will take effect only after you have restarted windows. Please note IT DOES NOT CREATE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT. If you wish to do that you need to contact us through the dial-up response form.

If you wish you can configure your own dial-up account. The details are as follows:

The number to use is 0845 123 2096.
It will work with any login and password you care to choose.

For MAC users

For users of OS9.x you will need to manually configure your DNS settings. They should be set as follows:

If the system requires a domain please use

The following settings should be used for Mac OS X or an iMac.

1) To begin, click the 'Apple' icon at the top left of the screen and select 'Internet Access' and then 'Internet Setup Assistant'.

2) Select 'YES' to 'Would you like to set up you iMac to access the Internet?' and 'YES' to 'Do you already have and Internet account?'

3) On the next screen, press the forward arrow, which is located at the bottom right of the window.

4) Type a name for your new configuration, such as You are also asked if you are using a modem

5) On the next screen, type in 0845 123 2096 for the phone number. Type in your username and password and click 'next'.

6) On this screen select 'NO' for the PPP Connection Script and click next.

7) On this screen select 'NO' for the IP address and click next.

8) Leave all fields on 'Domain Name Servers' screen blank and click next.

9) Click through the following screens until you reach the 'Conclusion' page.

10) On the 'Conclusion' screen, click 'Go Ahead'.

If you need to send email please use the contact form and we will get in touch with details.