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Here are a few web resources which may  be of help.
  • WS_FTPLE:This is one of the easiest ftp programmes to use. The LE version is available to students and non-commercial users and if you need it for business, the Pro version only costs a small amount. In my opinion it is much easier to use than Cute FTP but that's my personal preference.
  • Mailwasher: You will be asked to volunteer a fee, rather like a tip. Have a look and see what you think. Thanks to Hemi for suggesting this softwareThe up-to-date version is available as a free trial download.
  • pmlink.gif (2040 bytes)Pegasus Email:This is a very useful alternative to Outlook Express and has a number of advantages over the Microsoft product. This includes the ability to selectively download email and delete unwanted email. It is free - see site for details. If you don't like doing long downloads, get a copy of PCPro computing magazine which often has a copy on the cover CD.


Please note that LynxNet cannot guarantee the suitability of any of these products and you should make your own evaluations as to the suitability any item listed.