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This page will answer some of your immediate questions. If you need specific help on any issue regarding either an existing account or a matter relating to Internet services, please get in touch either by:-









Email info here

Follow these instructions if you use Outlook Express

  • Go to 'Tools' and select 'Accounts' and click on 'Add' and select 'mail'
  • Follow the wizard's instructions using the following information at the appropriate point
    POP3 and SMTP server
    • POP3 set this to mail.'whatever domain your email uses' without the www bit or the ' '
    • SMTP set this to
    • type in your email address for your user login
    • type your password in the box as indicated
  • Connections tick the box to connect using 'Internet' account or whatever you have named your dial-up. If you have not already created a dial-up you will need to do this.

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Dial-up info here

If you did not save an installation file when you created your account, or you just want to create a manual account, please follow these instructions. You can access any number of accounts using the same dial-up.

  • Go to your control panel and click on the Internet Options icon.
    Select the 'Connections' tab and 'add' to create a new dial-up connection. Complete the wizard.
    You will receive the message "you have successfully created a new dial-up ...." This may or may not be the case. If you dial-up does not function correctly, you may need to follow these additions steps...
    Navigate to your Dial-up icon. Right click on the 'Settings' button followed by 'Properties' and edit the 'Server Types' using the information below. In advanced settings (win98)
  • Select enable software compression but DO NOT select any other advanced options
  • Select TCI/IP under network protocols and DO NOT select NetBUI or IPX/SP protocolsX

When you have edited your dial-up setting, double click it to bring up the connection box. Then check the following before connecting.

  • You may use whatever User Name and Password you wish.
  • Telephone numbers: all dial-up connections now use 0845 123 2069 including ISDN 

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web mail

Webmail service is only currently available if you have your own domain.

We will introduce webmail when the new server is fully implemented. 

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Help for Mac users
  • These settings should be used for Mac OS X or an iMac for our dialup service.

    1) To begin, click the 'Apple' icon at the top left of the screen and select 'Internet Access' and then 'Internet Setup Assistant'.

    2) Select 'YES' to 'Would you like to set up you iMac to access the Internet?' and 'YES' to 'Do you already have and Internet account?'

    3) On the next screen, press the forward arrow, which is located at the bottom right of the window.

    4) Type a name for your new configuration, such as You are also asked if you are using a modem

    5) On the next screen, type in 0845 123 2069 for the phone number. Type in your   username and password and click 'next'.

    6) On this screen select 'NO' for the PPP Connection Script and click next.

    7) On this screen select 'NO' for the IP address and click next.

    8) Leave all fields on 'Domain Name Servers' screen blank and click next.

    9) Click through the following screens until you reach the 'Conclusion' page.

    10) On the 'Conclusion' screen, click 'Go Ahead'.

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  • NT Users Set-up - please ensure you have the following dial-up settings
    V120 Protocol
    Use PPP
    Disable PPP LCP extensions
    Use PAP not CHAP
    No scripts
    Send 'Password' as clear text (not encrypted)









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Response Forms
  • You should adopt the following script:

If you have any problems in getting the cgi-bin to work, please get in touch










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